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"Maria Codina’s work is invaluable and extremely practical: helping people to think about their own lives in such way as to make them happier, useful and fulfilled. I love The PARC Method created by Maria Codina. It is a powerful force for achieving both personal growth and professional goals. The method is extremely simple, and yet amazingly effective to identify and let go of emotional blockages, to program inspiring beliefs, and positive emotions. Maria Codina is innovative and generous with her knowledge. Her energy is contagious, and her talent as teacher and guide is absolutely exceptional. The PARC Method has helped me to open new possibilities both in my personal life and my professional occupation, so I recommend it enthusiastically. Thank you Maria! "

Puebla, Mexico


"I started 5 months ago with PARC.

Psoriasis on the knees, on the hands, on the ears, on the navel and on the elbows.

With 15 kilos of overweight and low energy.

Maria started changing my diet and put me into a daily exercise routine. This was accompanied by weekly PARC sessions. During the sessions I came up with several important issues and emotional blockages that I had from previous lives, and I was able to release them with the PARC treatment.

Now I live with more energy. I am very close to being at my ideal weight and totally free of psoriasis. I am more courageous, creative and free. At last I live a life from my center, without ties and with passion.

I definitely recommend the PARC method to anyone who feels they need to break free from the anchor that slows them down in their life."

Madrid, Spain

G. M.


"I had many unsuccessful attempts to quit smoking. Whenever I tried I became very anxious, nervous and cranky. I felt like a failure because I couldn’t do it until I tried The PARC Method. I realized that my willpower wasn’t enough to quit smoking. I had to release all my emotional blockages, some from this life, but many inherited or even from past lives. I exchanged my limiting beliefs for more powerful ones. Maria guided me with her method throughout the process and I never thought I could quit so easily. Now I always smell fresh and feel much better around people. Thank you Maria! "

Dallas, USA


"Each situation that life presents is an opportunity to take a step forward and to achieve the best version of who I am. The PARC Method has been a powerful tool for me because it has helped me to identify and get rid of limiting and negative beliefs that I didn’t even know I had placed in my subconscious mind.  The result is I’ve been able to rearrange my goals to manifest them once and for all.”

Dallas, USA


"On my second day with the PARC Method, I felt as if I had taken a great weight off me. I began to feel lighter and happier. After a few days, and for the first time in my life, I dared to start a conversation with an unknown person, and the most amazing thing is that I felt safe in doing so and I realized I could talk to more people, which for me was unthinkable. I even used to find difficult having conversations with my own family. Thanks to The PARC Method, my personal relationships have improved, I am building new relationships and as a result my business is improving. Thank you Maria! "

Dallas, USA


"I felt more liberated, peaceful and less depressed in just two sessions.” I have improved my belief in people. I have gained confidence and developed my personality and character. Thanks to The PARC Method I have been able to close a chapter with my past girlfriend, and can now enjoy a relationship with a new partner at 100%. Thank you Maria! "

Dallas, USA


"The changes I've experienced with The PARC Method have been amazing. Knowing my blockages and letting them go has changed my way of seeing things. Working and striving for my goals is much easier. I feel more at peace, relaxed and sure that I can achieve all my goals, personally, in business and with my life partner. Thank you Maria! "

Dallas, USA

“The PARC Method is incredible. Before this treatment I felt hopeless. I had tried various therapies with psychologists, but they didn’t work for me and I didn’t improve. With Maria’s method I feel liberated. She helped me to work on myself, to let go of all my negativity, and to get up to be the best version of myself.”

Dallas, USA

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