I am a Certified Life Coach by Life Coach Institute of Orange County CA, a Certified Health Coach by The Health Coach Institute (International Coach Federation), a Certified NLP Practitioner by The American Union of Neuro Linguistic Programming and a Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner by the Gluten-Free Society. I also practice Science of Mind and Emotional Dowsing. I am passionate about personal growth, health and wellness, and committed to help the maximum number of people lead healthier and happier lives in all their areas (physical and emotional health, relationships, career, finances and spirituality). I am the creator of The PARC Method to help people achieve their personal and professional goals by aligning their conscious and subconscious minds to make their success inevitable.

Life Coach Institute of Orange County, CA
The American Union of Neurolinguistic Programming
Science of Mind
The Health Coach Institute
Gluten Free Society
Emotional Dowsing
Master in
English Philology

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