The P A R C Method

The PARC Method (TPM) is a transformational method for personal and professional growth. It includes a simple and effective structure to help you reach every goal in any area of your life. TPM includes the 5 required steps for transformation to occur. It helps you develop the full potential you need to take action and get the results you want;  always guided by your subconscious mind in alignment with the other three instruments of you mind to make your success inevitable.


Many people neglect this step and directly take action when they set up their goal, and that’s why many of them fail. Creating potential is essential to obtain successful results. Your beliefs affect your potential and they will be the ones that will enhance or limit your actions and results. TPM helps you release any mental and emotional blocks that may impede alignment and consistency between the four instruments of your mind. It also helps you create the empowering beliefs and mental equivalent required for achieving your goals effectively and successfully.


When we have at our disposal all of our potential and we are sure that nothing will prevent us from moving forward, then we take action. To do so, the first thing is to decide that, no matter what, we will achieve our desired result. Then, we identify and efficiently use all our personal resources, either internal and external. Finally, we decide and implement the necessary action steps to reach our goal. TPM will not only lead you all the way to reach your goal, but will also establish the necessary conditions for your inevitable success.


TPM is a method of personal growth and as such, we understand that personal fulfillment occurs when there is progress. Therefore, we see the results as feedback, that is, opportunities to celebrate or to correct, refine and improve to end up celebrating too. In TPM we believe that success is 80% commitment and 20% expectations.


Our way of thinking together with our experiences create our beliefs. Most people still work with the system of  beliefs they acquired from their parents, teachers, society, etc. without asking themselves if this is still valid for them. In TPM we prioritize your beliefs. Your beliefs are what will lead you to succeed. Therefore, with TPM you'll be constantly reevaluating and reprogramming your beliefs to manifest your goals. In TPM we think that our level of consciousness is directly related to the perspective from where we perceive ourselves and the world. By transcending your experiences and emotions and creating your new and empowering system of beliefs you will be able to raise your level of consciousness.

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